Noble Park Podiatry
Noble Park Podiatry


If you are new to us then you can save time by downloading our

New Patient Form  New Patient Form

and bringing it along with you on your first visit.

1. What to expect?

Initial consultations are usually 30minutes. Follow up appointments are between 20-30 minutes, however short consultations which are about 5-10mins are also available.

On your initial consultation your current health status and medical history are recorded, as well as a thorough assessment and treatment (if possible) of your foot problem / complaint.

2. What to bring?

GP referrals are not necessary for a podiatry consultation, unless you are E.P.C or Veteranís Affairs (bring referral on initial consultation)

  • Any correspondence from your GP, Physiotherapist, health worker, diabetes educator etc.
  • Any X-rays or test results that relate to your complaint
  • Any existing insoles or orthotics.


Member of the Australasian Podiatry Council