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Warts are a contagious viral skin infection caused by one of the human papilloma viruses. They are most commonly caught by direct contact or walking bare-foot in wet areas, such as public showers and swimming pools. Warts may appear singly or in clusters.

  1. Plantar warts: occur on the sole of the foot and usually have overlying callus. These warts are usually very tender and often feel as though you’re walking on a pebble.
  2. Mosaic warts: are clustered superficial warts that tend to look dry. They form a mosaic pattern and usually cover a larger area that plantar warts.


  • Small lesion can be treated with Pharmacy cures which are applied daily after rubbing the area gently with a pumice stone
  • Your Podiatrist or Doctor can treat warts with a mild Salicylic or trichoroacetic acid.
  • Cryotherapy involves freezing with dry ice (liquid Nitrogen)
  • Warts are easily confused with corns, so it is important to seek professional advice before embarking on any treatments.





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